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Holiday house in Sicily, Palazzolo Acreide

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Holydays in Palazzolo Acreide (Syracuse)

Palazzolo Acreide, due to its exceptional architectural and urbanistic historical treasures, has been included on the Heritage List by UNESCO. Palazzolo Acreide situated on a hill (600 mt), is a town with an aspect characteristic of the seventeen hundreds which combines successfully with the modern features of the town’s built-up area. It is also incredibly rich in ruins dating back to the era of Ancient Greece such as the greeck theatre. The palaces and churches, in the late Baroque style, include the church of Santi Pietro e Paolo,and the church of San Sebastiano, at the top of a spectacular flight of steps. In the Chiesa della Immacolata with its convex frontage, is preserved a most delicate Madonna and Child by Francesco Laurana. “The Casa Museo Antonio Uccello” shows the collection of the nineteenth and early twentieth century Sicilian poseated.

In summer Palazzolo Acreide offers a series of cultural events like music, concerts, shows and exhibitions like the classical theatre, the dialect theatre and other events in the centre of the city.

If you want to go on holiday with your family, here in a typical and characteristic zone of the town center called ”quartiere dell’orologio”, you can find one independent house: "Il dammuso dell'Orologio", where you can spend a week or a weekend relaxing and enjoing the countryside.”

Prospetto chiesa di S.Paolo
Chiese di Palazzolo Acreide

Il Dammuso dell'Orologio
Holiday house  
Palazzolo Acreide (Siracusa)
via Orologio 39
Fisso: +39 0931 75 07 49
Mobile Wind: +39 333  66  38  986
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